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ROKA Prescription Eyewear

What Style Is Best For My Face?

We recommend taking our quiz to figure out which styles would be best for you: ROKA Eyeglasses Quiz. You are also welcome to reach out to our support team here, and one of our customer experience specialists will be happy to help you find a frame.

Can I Try On Frames Before Buying?

Yes! We now have a Virtual Try On option for select styles HERE. If you don't see the style you are interested in, here are some tips on how to find your perfect ROKA pair:. We offer a quiz on how to find the best eyewear for you HERE. You can also c

What Prescription Range Works For Your Lenses And Frames?

Phantom. Sphere Range: +6.00 to -12.00. Cylinder Range: Up to -8.00. Falcon. Sphere Range: +6.00 to -12.00. Cylinder Range: Up to -8.00. Rio. Sphere Range: +6.00 to -12.00. Cylinder Range: Up to -8.00. Cade 2.0. Sphere Range: +6.00 to -12.00. Cylinde

What Lens Materials And Lens Coatings Do You Offer?

LENS MATERIAL OPTIONS. Our prescription lens material options are polycarbonate, Trivex, and high index. Our polycarbonate (or PC) lenses are the highest quality PC lenses on the market. They are lightweight, offer impact resistance, and protect from

If I Don't Have My Prescription On Hand, Can I Submit It Later? Within What Time Frame?

You can submit your order without a prescription, but we cannot begin processing your order until we receive a valid prescription. You'll be prompted by email to send our support team your prescription shortly after completing your purchase. Once you

Can I Order Multiple Glasses With Different Prescriptions?

Absolutely! When you build a pair of glasses on the product page, you will be prompted to upload a prescription. This will happen for each pair you select, so you will have the opportunity to upload a different prescription for any additional pairs.

Can I Use Contact Lens Prescription For Ordering Glasses?

Contact lens prescriptions are different than eyeglasses prescriptions and cannot be used to make a pair of glasses.

What Information Do I Need To Provide ROKA To Place My Prescription Order?

You will need a valid, signed copy of your prescription and your pupillary distance (PD). Your PD may be reflected on your prescription. If not, you can use the PD measuring tool at checkout or contact your eye doctor.

What Is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Pupillary Distance is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. This measurement helps us to find the correct optic center of your lens and is specific to your proportions. We will need one to accurately input your prescription, as an inaccura

Can A Progressive Prescription Be Used For Single Vision Glasses?

Yes! When you are building your order, select the "send prescription later" option. Once your order is completed, our optician team will reach out via email and you can reply with your specifications.

My Prescription Expired. Can You Fulfill My Order Based Off My Old Prescription?

We are unable to fulfill orders with expired prescriptions, but you can renew your prescription with a quick online test through Visibly!

How Do I Upload My Prescription?

After clicking "Select Lenses & Buy" on a product page, you will be asked a series of questions about the prescription type, lens material, and upgrades you would like for your glasses. You will then be asked if you want to upload a picture of your p

How Do I Make Fit Adjustments To My Glasses?

The majority of ROKA frames come with 3 nose pad sizes to adjust the fit. To make our frames as light as possible, they are made from materials that cannot be heated for adjustment.

What Do The Numbers On The Inside Of The Frame Mean?

The numbers on the inside of the temple represent the size of the eyewear. The first number is the width of the lens. The second number is the distance between lenses. The last number is the temple length. All measurements are in millimeters (mm).

What Are ROKA's Widest Frames?

Currently, our widest frames are the Hunter 2.0, Halsey, Zilker, and Barton XL frames. The overall width for the Hunter 2.0, Halsey, and Zilker is 145mm, while the Barton XL is 150mm.

Does ROKA Offer Replacement Lenses?

Scratched and damaged lenses are not covered under our warranty. You can find our full warranty policy here. We do offer replacement lenses for select non-prescription sun styles here. You can find videos on how to swap the lenses out here.

What Are Progressives? What Are ROKA's Progressive Lens Options?

Progressive prescriptions naturally transition from your distance correction to your reading correction. Unlike bifocals, this is a natural transition and does not switch abruptly. ROKA offers 3 progressive lens options:.

What Are The Smallest Frames For Prescription Eyewear?

The Oslo 2.0, Lola 2.0, Rory 2.0, and Cade 2.0 come in two sizes: small and regular. The overall width for the Cade 2.0 and Rory 2.0 is 135mm, while the others are 134mm. We also recently released the Rainey frame which also has an overall with of 13

Where Can I Find Replacement Nose Pads?

We offer replacement nose pads for most of our frame styles here.

Are Progressive Lenses Available For APEX Sunglasses?

At this time we are not offering progressives for our Advanced Performance collection.

What is the right way to clean my lenses?

The best way to care for your lenses is to keep them in an eyewear case any time they are not in use. The microfiber bag that comes with your glasses will quickly and effectively clean the lenses. We recommend avoiding harsh chemical cleaners. Any di

Can I Get A Plano Lens With Just The Progressive Reader At The Bottom?

If you would like a progressive reader with non-prescription on the top of the lens and your near vision correction at the bottom, we do have a way to fulfill this request!. You will need to submit an appropriately written prescription, including all

What's The Difference Between Single-Vision And Progressive Lenses?

Single-vision lenses offer one correction throughout the entire lens (typically for distance or reading). Progressive lenses offer multiple corrections in one lens, with distance correction on top to reading correction on the bottom. This means you d

What Are Polarized Lenses?

A polarized lens greatly reduces the glare caused by rays that reflect off of flat surfaces, like water or the road. Polarized lenses reduce eye strain in sunny conditions. All of our non-prescription frames that are polarized will say 'polar' or 'po

What are the measurements of your frames?

ULTRALIGHT AVIATORS. Phantom 59 (Ti & Alloy). Phantom 57 (Ti & Alloy). Falcon 55 (Ti & Alloy). Rio (Ti & Alloy). Volo. MODERN CLASSICS. Barton 2.0. Barton 2.0 XL. Braker 2.0. Cade 2.0 (49). Cade 2.0 (52). Halsey. Hamilton. Hunter 2.0 (52). Kona. Lock